Before and after: remodelling your dining areas

Remodelling can be a very complex  task for many especially when you are not aware of the how to go about it. In essence it is important to apply a few basic principles to the style and layout of the room. These design concepts are universal therefore they can be added to any area or room of your home and even to commercial space. First begin with first understanding the architectural limitations in the space which involves the placements of the windows, doors, walls, columns, beams etc and the challenges they pose in your design plan. Allow for plenty of natural light and air to enter the room, avoid limiting this as more the natural light and breeze the more the room will appear to fresh and airy. For the dining areas create a focal point with either a large light fixture in the center of the room or prominent light effects. With the use of patterns and textures on the walls, dado or the floor the rooms appearance can appear to be perceived in multiple ways. Colors too play a huge role in creating a mood or ambience which are used in almost every aspect of the decor process.


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