Before and after: redecorating to your kitchen

Before any upgrade, it is first very important to assess the priorities of the upgrade, do you want to improvise the functionality, are you aiming to improve efficiency? Are you keen on focusing on the styling aspect?  Depending on the priorities you can then base your design plans. On assessing the architecture of the room, it then comes to fitting the optimal design for the setting. Layouts can vary and can made to fit the space available. It is also important to pay attention to the natural light available in the room. There is a ton of difference in the look and feel to a space without and with natural light.  It makes the space look spacious, airy and adds a sense of freshness to the room, additionally it also helps get rid of kitchen odors quickly.  Next is picking out the color scheme. Kitchens work well with high contrast colors and also single tone colors provided you mix and match the right hues. Remembers colors have a huge impact on how we feel in space and also influences our behaviour, loud colors work best.


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